First Day of Dance Intensive!

Today launched the first official practice of McGoldrick's Thread!!  Well the step dancers that is.  What a great group we have ~ they are amazing!  Thank for all the hard work~you guys ROCK!! … [Read more...]

New Sponsors Save the Day!

Just when a door closes ~ a window (or two!) opens!  As you know we were getting close to reaching our goal and I had to make the decision to move forward without reaching it.  (Otherwise time would have really been against us.)  So I … [Read more...]

Cast is complete!

So happy to announce we've finished casting the play!  We had so many wonderful actors and dancers come in to audition ~ it was an amazing experience hearing them read, sing and some dance - so beautifully.  I was so honored to meet … [Read more...]

Tickets On Sale!!!

Tickets are on sale at  Ticket price is $18 and there are only 99 seats per performance so get yours today!!!! (one performance is sold out already and they just went on sale!)  Pass the word!!!! … [Read more...]

Performance Dates

Okay we have dates and times!!!! Performances will be held at the St. Marks 80 Theatre in NYC. Wednesday – 9/11 at 7pm Sunday – 9/15 at 2pm and 6pm Wednesday – 9/18 at 7pm Sunday – 9/22 at 2pm and 6pm Wednesday – 9/25 at … [Read more...]

It’s Official!!!

I’m thrilled to tell you all that I have officially signed the contract with St. Marks Theatre 80!!!!!  Tickets will go on sale shortly (within the next two weeks) and I will post a few days before hand so you will know.  Since we … [Read more...]

Close To Goal!

Latest update - We still need to raise about another $8,000-10,000 but we are  moving forward since tomorrow is JUNE!  September will be here in no time and we must be ready~ We are going to sign with the theater early next week and … [Read more...]

Equity Approval!

So you might have noticed we haven't reached our $$ goal yet… but we’re going to keep moving forward in the hopes that we do very soon.  Otherwise we’ll have the funds but no show! That said ~ the great news is that Equity has … [Read more...]

UNDER $5,000!!!!

Still haven't heard back from Equity so you must still keep your fingers crossed! ~  But i wanted to share that the new total is $4,850!  We are UNDER $5,000~  YEAH!!!!!  Stay tuned..  … [Read more...]

Great news to share ~

Having a new director on board is fantastic.  I’m so grateful I made the right choice (after much research and a lot of praying!) And she is just as passionate about the play as I am!  I just love her energy and approach.  So damn … [Read more...]