Cast is complete!

So happy to announce we’ve finished casting the play!  We had so many wonderful actors and dancers come in to audition ~ it was an amazing experience hearing them read, sing and some dance – so beautifully.  I was so honored to meet each and every one.  It was interesting to hear how each took a scene and made it their own.  They each brought something unique to the audition and it was so valuable to me.  We saw so many – and so many were really really good… What a hard decision picking the final cast.  But it all came together thanks to our incredible director, Kira Simring – who is just amazing.  It’s been a learning experience for me but for Kira, this is where the magic begins.  She is just such a pro and I’m in awe of her intellect, creativity and sensitivity in this process.  Every step of the way.  She is an inspiration.  You must meet her!!!

I’ll post photos soon~

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