Equity Approval!

So you might have noticed we haven’t reached our $$ goal yet… but we’re going to keep moving forward in the hopes that we do very soon.  Otherwise we’ll have the funds but no show!

That said ~ the great news is that Equity has approved the theater!!!!  (Remind me to tell you about that in person, we had a lucky charm on our side!) But we still haven’t signed a contract yet with St. Marks.  Still ironing out all the details and dates.  Hopefully any day now…  But for now ~ I’m thrilled.  We will need to rope off a lot of seats.  With an Equity Showcase you can only use a theater with 99 seats.  St. Marks has a lot more. We can make it work.  But that means you must get your tickets early or you could get shut out!  (I’ll post the minute they go on sale.) 

More good news ~we have a Music Director!  She fell out of Heaven.  So talented and excited to jump on board.  Boy did we luck out there. 

Next step will be casting.  Lots to do to prepare for it so that’s the next focus. 

I’ll keep you posted! 

Thanks for all the notes and emails.  Having so much support really fuels my fire to make this production the best it can be.  And it will be fantastic!

Stay tuned ~

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