Great news to share ~

Having a new director on board is fantastic.  I’m so grateful I made the right choice (after much research and a lot of praying!) And she is just as passionate about the play as I am!  I just love her energy and approach.  So damn smart and creative.   In case you haven’t heard, her name is Kira Simring and she is the Creative Director at The Cell.  What a place that is!!!  How lucky am I to have found Kira and Nancy!  Nancy Manocherian is the Founding Artistic Director and the two together are quite a team.  Nancy comes to this project with so much experience, insight and gut intuition… she’s amazing.    You must go to the website and check it out –  there’s so much creativity at The Cell and something really cool happening just about every night.   To have them on board is a dream.  Honestly.

The past two weeks we’ve been on a witch hunt for a Theater.   I mean nonstop.  We’ve made tons of phone calls, emails and trips into town to check them out.  So many were horrible~ looked great on the website but I never let those photos fool me… I know how to make a crummy room look like a palace (I was a photographer don’t forget) you stand on a table at the end of the room and shoot at just the right angle and everything looks huge.  So we hunted and called and stalked~ and hunted some more.   So many people jumped in to help.  Donna Mannion called and emailed all her contacts (even an Opera House and a few Parishes in town with theatres were investigated), Pete Meyers had everyone in Lincoln Center searching – imagine if that came through! (that’s okay Pete, we’ll get there soon)  Ann Leary was my copilot and Executive Assistant as I drove around town checking out Black Boxes and leaving messages for Stage Mangers all over town.   My sister Geralyn jumped on board and brought us luck at St. Marks.   Thankfully I had a team over at The Cell, lead by Kira and Nancy, who were working around the clock to make it happen.  They are like a well oiled machine!

We were all set to go with a Youth Theatre called “Tada” (I love that name) but again, it had its draw backs, not to mention the price…  but we were going to bite the bullet and go for it.  The clock was ticking.    But we had one last hope with a meeting at St. Marks Theatre 80 (where we had the read.)   They already booked a show in for Sept so we didn’t think it would work out but there we were Thursday afternoon ~Kira, Nancy, Geralyn and I, crossing our fingers that they would quote us a price in our budget- and they did!  We decided on performance dates and everything is in place.  Now we just need to get Equity approval on Monday.  To have an equity showcase you can only have 99 seats.  St. Marks has over 150… We proposed to rope off the back rows.    Now it’s time to wait and see what they say.  I hate waiting.  But I’m feeling very confident that on Monday I’ll be jumping up and down and blogging about the fact that WE HAVE A THEATER!!!! We shall see.

We had another great thing happen this week.. We signed on with a General Manager, Leah Abrams.  I tell ya, can we get any luckier with this play?!!  Leah is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Custom Made Theatre in San Francisco, living here in NY at the moment.   She jumped in head first and is really psyched about the play.  She’s already on top of things and we’re full steam ahead! 

So the dream team is being formed and as of now I couldn’t be happier.  Auditions are starting and things are really moving…  it’s so exciting!!!!    

I’m still having to raise quite a bit more $$ but I’m confident that it will come….  from where I don’t know.. But there’s no stopping this train!  Don’t you agree??

stay tuned….

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