New Sponsors Save the Day!

Just when a door closes ~ a window (or two!) opens!  As you know we were getting close to reaching our goal and I had to make the decision to move forward without reaching it.  (Otherwise time would have really been against us.)  So I took a leap of faith and booked a theater and signed on with some designers that I knew we’d lose if i didn’t act quickly.  The budget was running out and I was starting to shake in my boots when low and behold i get a call from a friend who took a big step forward and became a Pot of Gold sponsor – along with her friend.  How amazing!!!  Trish has been part of this production from day one – opening her home for our first unofficial read (Earl was PJ! – it was hilarious- quite a cast!) I was thrilled at how well it went but was never really sure if it was a good script or good wine -haha.  From there she has been a constant source of enthusiasm and encouragement.   Trish told Dan about it and he jumped on board.  Dan recently lost his mother – and get this – her name is Marion,  the same as the mother in the story!  Dan is sponsoring on behalf of his mother Marion Lillan.  What a great tribute Dan!

So THANK YOU to Trish and Dan, for your generosity.  Because of you we will be able to hire the band and a whole lot more.  You are saving the show and I am honored to call you friends…

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