The Show


A touching and lively score, a bit of Irish humour and powerful step dancing are woven together to bring McGoldrick’s Thread to life.

The Cast



Casey Murray
Elizabeth West
Peter Cormican
Paul Nugent                   
Conor McIntyre

John Charles McLaughlin
Garrett Coleman

Jason Oremus
Jessie Driscoll



Mairead Brown
Declan Byrne
Jessica Byrne
Sean Crosby
Hayleigh Jusas
Ciaran O’Brien
Sheppard Somers
Natalie Vestergom


The Story

McGoldrick’s Thread is the story of the O’Reilly family, who left home in Clonmel,
Ireland and settled in a small apartment in the Bronx to raise their four children.
The youngest and only daughter, Magee, is a competitive Irish Step dancer with
a big Feis (Irish dance and music competition) in the morning. The story takes
place over a weekend, with a colorful flashback to Ireland ~ revealing trials, tribulations, triumphs, love and humor of the O’Reilly and McGoldrick Families. In their small apartment filled with brothers, commotion and unanswered questions, Magee learns to believe in herself and what it takes to make her dreams come true ~ in dance and life.


The Score

Audiences will laugh, cry and tap their feet as they listen to the dynamic score that moves the show from scene to scene. The song writing team of Marianne Driscoll, Eliot Riskin and composer Ronnie D’Addario have penned a classic that combines the beauty, message and meaning of the story in memorable tunes that will leave audiences wanting more. Add to it the Dream Dance and other compositions by Patrick Mangan and you have a truly special musical experience.


The Steps

Thunderous dance kicks McGoldrick’s Thread into high gear in a number of scenes. Top level dancers from five Irish dance schools throughout New York and Ohio are among the cast. Two renowned dancer/choreographers, Jason Oremus (Lead) and Garrett Coleman (also a two time World Champion) who have appeared in Riverdance, and also developed a breakthrough new dance concept called Hammerstep.  Hammerstep, a progressive performance dance crew, was recently featured on America’s Got Talent. McGoldrick’s Thread is filled with electrifying energy from start to finish.