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McGoldrick’s Thread to the next level. 

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Thank You For Living The Dream With Us!!!

Watching this dream come to life has been an amazing experience.

And without all the generous donations, none of this would be possible.  

Thank you for all the love and support!!!


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Marianne Driscoll


McGoldrick’s Thread Angels

Marck Webster


Pot of Gold

Erich and Jennifer Tengelsen

Trish Cody

Dan Lillin



Liz O’Brien – In Honor of the O’Brien Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Magee Webster

Marilynne Martin – In Loving Memory of Julianne and Julia Martin

Janet Hyland – In Loving Memory of Arleen and Tom McGoldrick

Maureen Morris – In Honor of the O’Sullivan Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Joan, Mick and Michael Patrick O’Sullivan

Kathy Rule – In Honor of the Speer Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Dawn Matteson Kleps

Sherry and Eddie Burbes – In Honor of the Callahan Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Maureen, Ed, and Eddie Callahan

The Spiropoulos Family – In Loving Memory of Julie Martin

The Brennan Family – In Honor of the Brennan Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Gene, Rose and Susan

Earl Paulson – In Honor of the Paulson Thread

Maureen and Jim O’Hara – In Honor of the Reilly and O’Hara Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of all the ancestors who came to seek a better life for their family.

Eileen and Bob Hunt – In Honor of the Clark, Dolan and Hunt Threads

Erich and Jennifer Tengelsen – In Honor of the Tengelsen Thread

Diane and Pat Hagen – In Honor of the Hagen Thread

Bill and Phyllis Driscoll – In Honor of the Driscoll and Hupp Family Threads

Trish Cody – In Honor of the Cody Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Maureen Vogelsberg

Dan Lillin – In Honor of the Lillin Thread ~ and In Loving Memory of Marion Lillin

Joseph O’Connor In honor of the O’Connor and Martin Threads


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Man Behind the Curtain Productions  
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McGoldrick’s Thread
c/o Driscoll

22 Stuyvesant Avenue
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