The Inspiration



Jessie Driscoll and Sheppard Somers – Young Marion and PJ


Jessie dancing as The Golden Fiddle


My daughter Jessie is an Open Championship Irish Step Dancer.  When she was about 5 years old and taking Irish Step, we went to see Riverdance.  It was its first run on Broadway and was new and spectacular!  After the show we were invited backstage where the lead, Pat Roddy,  took Jessie’s hand and brought her out on the stage.  She danced a few steps with him and from that day forward Irish Dance was Jessie’s passion.  What a thrill to get to dance on that stage!  She’s 19 now and still dancing ~ still loving every minute of it.  This play is kind of a “road to Riverdance” if you will.    It’s the story of a young girl’s journey and dream of dancing on a big stage and her family’s sacrifice, love and support to get her there.

I’d like to thank Jessie for all she has taught me about determination, passion and love ~ and for all the joy your dancing has brought into my life.  And My wonderful family and incredible friends who have always supported me in every crazy thing I do!  

To Arleen and Tom McGoldrick who taught me daily, by example, what family means and the true meaning of love.  This ones for you…

Tom and his Sweetie Pie ~ Forever Young

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